Mockup of the Southeast Community College Storm 2019 Volleyball Team Schedule Poster.

Volleyball team schedule poster for the Southeast Community College Storm. Posters for all the school's athletic teams that year shared the same visual style.

Mockup of a holiday greeting card that says "Season's Greetings" with an illustration of children smiling with snowmen.

A holiday greeting card design.

Mockup of a business membership brochure design for Elkhorn Valley Museum.

Part of a re-branding effort for Elkhorn Valley Museum. This is one of the brochures. The museum wanted to showcase their attractions and appeal to new audiences. I tied in brochures, rack cards, and business cards with the same style.

Mockup of a poster design for a college fiction slam event.

Poster design for a fiction slam college event. There are vibrant colors and scattered letters floating in the background to set the mood for an exciting and creative night.

Mockup of a postcard mailer design for Nordstrand Visual Arts Gallery at Wayne State College.

Postcard mailer for the Nordstrand Visual Arts Gallery at Wayne State College. The front shows work from artists on the semester's schedule, and the dates and times are listed on the back.

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